Product Analysis & Laboratory Services

Refrigerant Analysis

The A-Gas laboratory has been constructed and equipped under strict guidelines of AHRI 700 testing requirements. A-Gas provides refrigerant analysis services through our state-of-the-art on site laboratory. Our analysis services enable end users to identify the refrigerant in a system and detect potential contaminant levels. Our refrigerant analysis kit includes a sample cylinder, complete with full instructions and a submission form. A minimum sample of 500g is required for an accurate analysis and the instruction form must be filled in and returned to A-Gas with the sample. The analysis test results will indicate problems with oil residue, moisture, acidity, composition, purity and non-condensables. 

Refrig Health Check (RHC) Information Sheet  

Analytical Services: Intelligent Refrigerant Analysis

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis can provide early warning of potential problems by identifying concentrations of metals and other contaminants in the oil. This can avoid unscheduled downtime and also prevent damage to equipment. Our oil analysis kit contains a small bottle to take the oil sample and an instruction from which both need to be returned to A-Gas for analysis to take place.

Pre-Shipment Testing

With most HFC products currently produced in China, importers need confidence in the quality of the products they are importing. A-Gas offers a pre-shipment testing service for refrigerants and HFC fire protection products shipped from China. This is for both bulk and packaged product and takes place when the merchandise is complete, packed and ready for shipment. The following aspects are inspected:

  1.  Full quality analysis of product before shipment
  2. Leak detection using professional tools
  3. Unit weight of small package products
  4. Carton artwork, label, shrink seal, valve size and cylinder handle
  5. Others as specified by customers

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